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01st Aug 2015
Closing dates for Travel Scholarships: February 1 and August 1

The deadline for applications for the bi-annual RHPA Travel Scholarship is coming up on February 1 and August 1 this year. Please find information below to apply.

Please find the link to the application form here – RHPA Travel Scholarship Application Form

About the Travel Scholarship

The bi-annual RHPA travel scholarship was established in 2013 with the aim of supporting allied health and nursing professionals to attend seminars and conferences locally, interstate and internationally.

The RHPA is grateful to the following pharmaceutical companies for their support:  AbbViePfizer and Roche.

Abbvie PfizerRoche

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must:

  • Be a member of the RHPA for at least 2 years.
  • Not received a RHPA travel scholarship within the past 2 years (exceptional circumstances will be considered on an individual basis).
  • Demonstrate how the seminar/conference is relevant to practice.
Application Process

Applicants must submit:

  • A current short (maximum 2 page) Curriculum Vitae.
  • A completed application form.
  • A proposed budget including anticipated registration fees, travel and accommodation.  The following monies are available:

Up to $500 for a local conference ie within state

Up to $1500 for an interstate conference

Up to $3000 for an international conference.

  • Costs will be reimbursed on proof of booking or registration.  The RHPA will only cover costs spent – any remaining funds will be held in the travel scholarship fund for future applicants.
  • A supporting letter from their supervisor/institution confirming that leave will be granted to attend the nominated seminar/conference.

Applications should be forwarded to the RHPA secretary (

Selection Criteria

Applications will be:

  • Reviewed by the RHPA travel scholarship committee for completeness and then reviewed by a member of the RHPA/ARA anonymously for final decision.
  • Ranked according to the following criteria:
    • Quality of the proposal
    • Suitability of the seminar/conference
    • Suitability of the candidate
    • Perceived benefit to the candidate and their practice, and to the RHPA membership.
Conditions of the Scholarship
  • There will be 2 closing dates/year:  1st February and 1st August.
  • Candidates will be notified within 8 weeks of the closing date.
  • There is $3000 available per submission date – this may consist of a single successful applicant, or more than one depending on the quality/relevance of the applications at that submission date.  If there are no suitable applicants, the RHPA travel scholarship committee reserve the right to roll-over monies available until the next submission date.
  • Any monies not used by the successful applicant/s will be held in the RHPA travel scholarship fund and made available for the next submission date.
  • All successful applicants must submit a report to the RHPA travel scholarship committee within 3 months of the seminar/conference.  The committee will then decide on the type of presentation required with consideration for submission for presentation at the combined ARA/RHPA annual conference, publication in the ARA newsletter and on the RHPA website.
  • It is up to the individual to arrange appropriate insurance to cover their travel.  The RHPA is not responsible for the health and safety of any individual whilst travelling to or from the specified seminar/conference.
  • This scholarship is for the named applicant only; travel companion costs will not be supported.
  • Scholarships cannot be awarded retrospectively and must be taken up within 1 year of the award.
  • If there are no suitable applications, the scholarship will not be awarded.
  • Each sponsoring pharmaceutical company will receive a report from the travel scholarship committee containing the following information:
    • Who received the scholarship
    • What conference/seminar is being attended
    • How much has been awarded at each submission date
    • A copy of the successful applicants report.
    • A representative from the sponsoring pharmaceutical companies may attend any presentation given by successful applicants.
    • Sponsoring pharmaceutical companies may use any information from the travel scholarship report for educational purposes.

The RHPA Travel Scholarship has been provided by the following companies

Abbvie PfizerRoche

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