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4th May


Linda at the ACR Boston

ACR in Boston

Linda at the ACR Bostonby Linda Bradbury
Nurse Practitioner
President RHPA

I was lucky enough to attend the ACR in Boston in November last year. Once I had got over the fact that this was the largest conference that I had ever attended and I needed directions for every session I attended, I eventually settled in and thoroughly enjoyed all aspects.

Great sessions, great posters and such an opportunity to meet health professionals from all over the world. Most sessions were available online which was really helpful especially if there were 2 (or even 3!) talks on at the same time that I was interested in.

Highlights for me personally were some great Spondyloarthritis talks, sessions on immunology, biomarkers and other hot topics in the world of RA, meeting the world experts from a number of different disease areas, gaining ideas for my clinical practice, meeting nurse practitioners from the USA and learning about their practice and finally building up the confidence to ask questions in very large forums!

I would highly recommend attendance if you ever get the opportunity!

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